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Cremation Options

Today’s common practice of burying cremation ashes upon the graves of loved ones has created challenges for the memorial industry. The majority of existing memorials were generally not designed in such a manner to allow for additional memorial inscriptions. In such situations, many memorial dealers may attempt to convince people that they need to replace the entire monument. Others may try to squeeze an inscription on the stone, whereby ruining the monument’s original symmetry and design.

At M. C. Delandes, we provide our customers with an alternative- a monument sub-base- an option that preserves the original monument’s design, while at the same time accommodating additional inscriptions. Our Memorial Consultants are able to provide you with further details about this option.

Sub Bases

Private Estate Columbaria

 We have incorporated Private Estate columbaria in cemeteries for our clients who truly want their own private cremation memorial rather their ashes being placed in an apartment style complex. 

Monument/Bench Columbaria

A complete way to personalize your cremation memorial designed to be customized just for your family.