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Memorial Accessories

We provide a full line of memorial products to enhance your new memorial or to simply add to an existing memorial on site. As time goes by, we find a fair amount of our customers want to add flower vases to their memorial, or even replace older ones. Some want to add a picture, or even perhaps a life like etching of their loved one, or maybe even their favourite scene.

The following sections display the types of products that we can provide:

Diamond Impact Etchings

A completely unique and personalized way to add beautiful portraits, religious icons and scenery to your memorial. Our graphic artist can incorporate your loved one(s) portrait, special place or hobbies to reflect the life they lived. Diamond impact etchings have an artistic style that cannot be done by laser, that is why in most cases memorial companies offer them for free as the quality is far less impressive or appealing compared to a portrait that has been diamond impact etched. Lasers are more like scanners and printers where diamond impact etchings are more like  paintings that are true art that will stand the test of time. All our diamond impact etcings have no paint in them, they are all natural deep etched which will last forever. We can add diamond impact etchings to 18 of our 20 granite colours we offer.



Modern technology has enabled us to add a photo of a loved one(s) to your memorial. This unique way ensures beauty is preserved for generations to come. Images can be rendered in stainless steel or porcelain, depending on your needs and the application.



Our most popular item, vases are an easy and effective means to enhance your memorial.  We carry a wide assortment of vases to fit any application.